What You Didn’t Know About Weed Legalization In Canada

Marijuana is the widely used weed in Canada and for a long period of time.  Consequently, there was increasing criminal offences in relation to marijuana, dark businesses and cartels were making huge profits illegally, and of course the number of marijuana users were adding up day after day.  It is for such reasons that the legalization of marijuana was effected on October 17, 2018. The government decided to enable the residents access marijuana but through a restricted, and controlled manner.

Among some of the prevailing conditions were to allow only the adults to access and purchase the weed. In this case, those below 18 years are considered as minors and should not be permitted.  Being recreational cannabis, users are permitted to grow in the space of their homes; they are also permitted to be in possession of not more than 30g of cannabis.  The production of cannabis is regulated by the federal government as this is the best way to keep off from the dark cartels. The sales are done by the provincial government; there are also some retailers that have been licensed in some provinces to do the sales.

There are also laws governing the drivers who are under the influence of marijuana.  Those who are found intoxicated while driving are subjected to prosecution as it is not allowed.

The provinces therefore have the huge responsibilities of ensuring legislation of the measures are maintained for the benefit and welfare of the users and the government as well.  There is still need to embrace the opinions of the users for as long as they are workable, achievable and useful to the entire state.  All these have been embraced in a healthy policy that seeks to restrict cannabis from children, safeguard the health of the users, do away with the dark market, and to ensure there is safe driving in all the respective areas.

Apart from ensuring children are not users of cannabis, the government aims to sensitize the youth on the health complications attached to cannabis use.  In simpler terms, those who are under 18 years of age should not be in possession of cannabis as they will attract a fine or further disciplinary measures. The legalization of marijuana safeguards the health of the minors and adults as well since only legal cannabis will be availed. There will be fewer chances of unsafe products.

Among some of the measures that have been protected to safeguard minors is burning the consumption of this substance in areas mostly visited by children. Again, for the adults who love cannabis growing in their homes, for their personal use,  the law permits them only to plant indoors.

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