Strategies Of Upselling Your Clients At Cannabis Dispensaries

When consumers come to your cannabis dispensary, you need to take advantage and ensure that they spend a higher percentage of their money in buying from you. Upselling tactics are meant to make sure that you convince the client to buy more from your dispensary. There are various strategies that can be used to achieve this objective as follows:

The importance of displays– An evaluation of products that people buy weed online canada most is very important. You can get this data from your POS system. After the evaluation, it is important that you attractively display these items at various focal points in your dispensary. The most important points are at the entrance and exit sections.

 Build Rapport– It is vital that you create good rapport with your consumers when handling them. You can achieve this by greeting clients and asking them how you can assist them. Your client service strategy must be exceptional and meant to attract and retain clients. The clients must be professionally handled from the time they enter your dispensary to the time they leave it.

Utilization of cannabis education and display media– This strategy entails use of educative videos, appealing and informative slides to arouse the interest of clients. Display media is an important strategy as it ensures that people of different literacy levels are engaged with information about cannabis. This approach also ensures that various myths that people hold about ACCRES cannabis are debunked.

Knowing what is trending– Knowledge about what is trending in the cannabis market place is important.  This is because most clients are likely to be interested in what is hot in the cannabis market and need more information from you before purchasing. Therefore, having the latest information about what is trending in the market will not only assist you but the client as well. A good example of what is trending currently in the cannabis market place is vaporizing and manufacturers are designing it in various forms to attract more clients.

Creation of a sense of urgency– Occasionally, it is vital to create a sense of urgency in offering of certain cannabis products. You need to inform clients that certain products are limited and if they don’t purchase at the moment, they will lose a lot in the future. You can tell he consumer that a limited stock is offered at a discount at the moment. By using this strategy, you maximize sales from that specific product.

 Make them feel exclusive-you need to ensure that you make your clients feel great by being introduced to certain programs including loyalty and exclusive clubs. Appreciate the consumers for finding time to visit your dispensary and tell them to feel free and visit you next time.

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Canada’s New Legalization Affects Scottish Fans of Weed In A Positive Way

The legalization of cannabis in Canada has made various industry players assess how they will benefit from the new law. There are losers as well as gainers due to this piece of legislation. This article aims at evaluating the industries that will gain a lot from the legalization of cannabis.

The pharmaceutical industry is set to gain a lot from the legalization of marijuana. The product will be used for the treatment of chronic pain associated with certain diseases. There are so many people suffering from chronic pain. It means that the medical industry will require huge amounts of cannabis to satisfy the market. This will mean the huge amount of money gained from manufacturing and selling of the drugs.

Agriculture is set to benefit a lot from the legalization of cannabis in various aspects. Many agricultural start-ups are going to be established to grow the crop. There will be an application of agricultural technologies to come up with better cannabis varieties that are disease resistant. New methods of production of marijuana will be introduced. In summary, agriculture is set to benefit a lot from the legalization of marijuana in Canada.

There will be the vast amount of opportunities for retail businesses dealing with marijuana. Some will offer dispensary services while others will sell products related to marijuana smoking.  For more info check out this dispensary:

There is going to emerge some conferences that will discuss various matters related to the marijuana business. These conferences will use a lot of money to pay for hotels and event planners. There will conference on how to grow the crop and how to produce the plant. All these events will require the services of event planners that will be paid handsomely.

Because the legalization of cannabis has only been approved by certain states, these areas are likely to attract a huge number of tourists. These tourists will bring a lot of money to those places. The tourists will visit shops and dispensaries where cannabis is sold either for recreational or medicinal purposes. In this way, tourism as a sector will gain a lot from the legalization of cannabis.

The legalization of marijuana means that businesses that will deal with the products will need services of the law firms to guide them legally on how to conduct the business with breaking laws. Many entrepreneurs dealing with cannabis business have a desire to be legally saved in whatever they will be doing. There will emerge a law firm specializing in cannabis production.

The legalization of cannabis means that there are so many doors that have been open to start businesses related to cannabis and register big success.

Football in Five Images with Stuart Cosgrove and Graham Spiers

FairPley have organised a tour of their ‘Football in Five Images’ show with Stuart Cosgrove and Graham Spiers.

Graham and Stuart are two of Scotland’s most outspoken football commentators, appearing regularly in the media. Together they argue and debate the current challenges facing Scotland’s national game, covering subjects such as the impact of television, the rise of social media, the national team and the role and responsibilities of football in the community.

In their show, they refuse to shirk tackles, offering candid opinions on the people, policies and prejudices that underpin the game.

You can see the show at the following locations:

Thu       12          Football in Five Images, Dumfries Theatre Royal,7.30pm

Sun        15          Football in Five Images,Leven, East Fife Supporters’ Trust, 7.30pm

Thu       19          Football in Five Images,Stirling Tolbooth, 7.30pm

Sat         21          Football in Five Images,Greenock Beacon, 7.30pm

Sun        22          Football in Five Images,Houston River Inn, 7.30pm

Thu       26          Football in Five Images,Macarts, Galashiels, 7.30pm

Sun        29          Football in Five Images,Aberdeen Lemon Tree, 7.30pm

Thu       2            Musselburgh Brunton   Football in Five Images

Sat         4            St Andrews Byre             Football in Five Images

Sun        5            Oran Mor, Glasgow        Football in Five Images

Thu      9            Dunkeld Birnam               Football in Five Images

Sat         11          Cumbernauld Theatre   Football in Five Images

Supporters Direct Scotland expresses concern at crest ruling

Supporters Direct Scotland today (Friday 15 April 2016) expressed real concern that a significant number of SPFL football clubs could be forced to change their club crest.

This follows a ruling that the Court of Lord Lyon will not re-consider its approach to the prosecution of so-called illegal badges, after Airdrieonians were forced to launch a new crest in 2015 after an action was raised against them.

Ayr United will also now change their crest for season 2017-18, after agreement was reached on a short term dispensation.

It is a ruling which could result in a significant number of historically famous badges be consigned to history.

A Scottish Parliament Act passed in 1592 gives the Court of the Lord Lyon responsibility for prosecuting unauthorised elements in badges. The court has its own procurator fiscal.

Matters are complicated because although this responsibility is laid down in law by ancient Scottish legislation, it is currently reserved to the UK Government.

Elements such as crowns, a lion rampant, plain English bricks (“castellation”) which look like a turret above a shield, the saltire, a town’s coat of arms or use any letters are all forbidden.

Those who could face future issues include Dundee, Dundee United, East Fife, Hamilton Accies, Rangers, and St Johnstone.

Supporters Direct Scotland ran a petition last season, which gained 1,500 supporters, but this latest situation is sure to cause concern to fans.

Andrew Jenkin, head of Supporters Direct Scotland comments:

“This is a real worry to us. Not only were Airdrieonians forced to change their crest, but the same will now happen with Ayr United.

“We’re at a floodgates point, at which this could easily spiral out of control, and some of the best known and easily identifiable symbols of football in Scotland could be lost forever, because of an archaic rule which serves to protect nobody.

“Our clubs deliver thousands of hours of community support across the country each year, our league is one of the best attended per head of population in Europe, and Scotland supporters are regarded across the world as fans, as well as significantly supporting charities in the countries they visit. We’ve seen time after time that Scottish football can be a real force for good.

“We recognise that this is a complicated issue, and strictly speaking is not devolved to the Scottish Government, but we hope after the election this is a matter that a future administration will take extremely seriously and support our efforts to find a resolution.

“This may include assessing the viability of introducing legislation to protect the identity of clubs & their assets such as crests, colours, stadiums and that they are really important to community identity.”