Strategies Of Upselling Your Clients At Cannabis Dispensaries

When consumers come to your cannabis dispensary, you need to take advantage and ensure that they spend a higher percentage of their money in buying from you. Upselling tactics are meant to make sure that you convince the client to buy more from your dispensary. There are various strategies that can be used to achieve this objective as follows:

The importance of displays– An evaluation of products that people most is very important. You can get this data from your POS system. After the evaluation, it is important that you attractively display these items at various focal points in your dispensary. The most important points are at the entrance and exit sections.

 Build Rapport– It is vital that you create good rapport with your consumers when handling them. You can achieve this by greeting clients and asking them how you can assist them. Your client service strategy must be exceptional and meant to attract and retain clients. The clients must be professionally handled from the time they enter your dispensary to the time they leave it.

Utilization of cannabis education and display media– This strategy entails use of educative videos, appealing and informative slides to arouse the interest of clients. Display media is an important strategy as it ensures that people of different literacy levels are engaged with information about cannabis. This approach also ensures that various myths that people hold about ACCRES cannabis are debunked.

Knowing what is trending– Knowledge about what is trending in the cannabis market place is important.  This is because most clients are likely to be interested in what is hot in the cannabis market and need more information from you before purchasing. Therefore, having the latest information about what is trending in the market will not only assist you but the client as well. A good example of what is trending currently in the cannabis market place is vaporizing and manufacturers are designing it in various forms to attract more clients.

Creation of a sense of urgency– Occasionally, it is vital to create a sense of urgency in offering of certain cannabis products. You need to inform clients that certain products are limited and if they don?t purchase at the moment, they will lose a lot in the future. You can tell he consumer that a limited stock is offered at a discount at the moment. By using this strategy, you maximize sales from that specific product.

 Make them feel exclusive-you need to ensure that you make your clients feel great by being introduced to certain programs including loyalty and exclusive clubs. Appreciate the consumers for finding time to visit your dispensary and tell them to feel free and visit you next time.

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