The Use of CBD for Pets

There has been a global increase about the use of legal cannabis. CBD has been used to some extend for medical purposes in human beings. Some people use CBD for pets, just like in human beings, because pets have endocannabinoid system which contains cannabinoid receptors. Basing on that fact, it can be concluded that cannabis products can have psychoactive effects in pets. Pets that are commonly given CBD are cats and dogs. However, there in not extensive research that has been done about the use of CBD for pets. Most researchers have been focusing on the use of CBD in human beings. But why is CBD used for pets

Uses of CBD for pets 

Despite there being limited information on use of cannabis on animals, people have been using the product for various reasons. Human beings use CBD to treat various health conditions like anxiety, seizures, insomnia, and pain relief. Since similar conditions occur in pets, some people have resorted to use CBD products. Because CBD is legal in some parts, some vets have focused on the use of CBD in pets. Here are some ways CBD is used in pets. 

  1. Pain relief. CBD is known to be a pain reliever in human beings. The same has been used for dogs and cats. Some researchers have pointed out that CBD can be used to manage pain for pets having fibromyalgia, cancer pain, and neuropathic migraine. 
  1. Seizures and epilepsy – some vets have approved the use of antiepileptic dugs with CBD for higher efficiency. 
  1. Treating anxiety. Pets, for instance dogs, have some behaviors that signify anxiety. Dogs will yell, panic, chew objects, and pee in their house, bark and panic. The calming effect of CBD can help the pet to relax. 


Deciding the correct dosage of CBD remains a challenge due to lack of comprehensive information about its use in animals. However, that information is vital for those who reside in regions where the use of the product is unregulated. The general rule is that the dosage depends on the age and body weight of the pet. A vet should be consulted to recommend the correct dosage for safety and effectiveness of the drug. 

The legality of CBD for pets 

Whereas the use of CBD is growing, its legality has remained a subject of discussion. Although it is true that cannabis has medicinal value, its use is restricted in some countries and states. In other regions, cannabis and its products fall under the category of restricted or controlled products. Studies performed by veterinarians on the use of CBD for pets show that controlled use of the product is safe and can be used to manage various conditions. However, most reports have not been publicized due to controversial nature of the subject. In adequate evidence based research can be done, more people with pets will readily accept the use of cannabis for pets GS weed buds.  

To wrap up 

Cannabis and its products are widely used among human beings in most parts of the world, despite the restrictions imposed in some regions. Apart from human beings, some people who use the product give it to their pets for various reasons. It is important to note that more research is still being carried out on the use of CBD on animals. People should be therefore careful and cautious while giving it to their pets. It is also necessary to be aware of the local regulations about the use of cannabis and its products.