How Cannabis Use Affect The Health Of The User

Many US states have and is used either for recreational or medicinal purposes and now you can buy from shops like Many positive reasons have been given for legalizing cannabis. These include treatment of certain conditions that afflict both adults and children. These conditions include anxiety, epilepsy, cancer management, and many more. What the proponents of marijuana use fail to tell the population is its negative effects. Marijuana has numerous negative effects on its users which affect the brain, the heart and physical wellbeing. This article will look at some of the negative effects of cannabis as follows:

Short-term effects

Marijuana use comes with various short-term effects. Key among these effects include: impaired judgement, memory loss, poor coordination, poor thinking and problem solving and increased heart rate. In case you’re driving shortly of usage of marijuana, you may cause road accident as your judgement is impaired and have poor coordination.

Brain problems

The THC compound found in may make the user to feel high and paranoid. This makes the person to momentarily escape from realities of life because of experiences of hallucinations, delusions, impaired memory, and disorientation.

Heart problems

Marijuana use may make your heart  to abnormally beat at a high rate. This may cause problems like high blood pressure which may further lead to conditions like heart attack or a stroke.

Bone problems

It has been established that Heavy users of marijuana may have their bone density reduced which may lead to conditions like osteoporis and bone fractures.

Respiratory issues

Users of cannabis may experience a burning sensation in their mouth and throat. Too much exposure to cannabis smoke may cause coughin and other respiratory problems. The users are likely to experience frequent chest infections too. The lungs of marijuana smokers are also exposed to cancerous conditions compared to those who smoke tobacco. This is because marijuana users hold the smoke in their lungs for a long period of time. it has been established that marijuana smoke has 3 times higher amount of tar than those found in tobacco smoke. This means that marijuana smokers are more exposed to cancer than tobacco smokers.

Other side effects

It has been found out that THC may impair the immune system from battling the disease causing pathogens. In this connection, marijuana smokers are prone to bacterial infections and tumors. Cannabis may also exacerbate existing problems such chronic like chronic respiratory disease. Individuals who use cannabis may also be depressed. Cannabis can also interact with other drugs and cause more problems.

Marijuana and pregnancy

Studies have indicated that expectant women who use marijuana may experience various side effects. The baby born after being exposed to marijuana may have many problems like poor coordination, epilepsy, poor memory etc.