Five Health Benefits of Micro Dosing Mushroom

Micro dosing is taking small quantities of psychedelic hallucinogens. The dose cannot produce hallucination as compared to other drugs. Physicians define micro dosing as taking approximately 1% of the active dose. The frequency of taking the substance differs from person to person; some people prefer taking small amounts regularly for an extended period.  

Micro dosing differs from the hallucinogenic taking of a substance. Many people use magic mushroom for spiritual reasons, self-exploration, and recreation—micro dozers, on the other hand, intake to improve wellbeing emotionally and mentally.   

Health Benefits 

Over the years, researchers have been investigating the effects of direct long-term products of micro dosing—the study biased since it relied on self-reporting. The technique involves asking questions to people experienced in micro-dosing and interested participants. The investigation does not have reliable comparative research to contend with the use of micro dosing.  

Another study explains the health benefits related to mental health and wellbeing. The benefits include: 

Mental Health Improvement 

Most people micro dosing is suffering from mental illness such as anxiety, depression, or stress. Subjects of a study said that they micro dose as a depression therapy. Other participants had symptoms of anxiety while other people used it to treat mental health disorders. About 50% of the people in treatment said their mental health has improved after using the medicine.  

Academics also used the virtual questionnaire to micro doing patients to describe their experiences and effects compared to other treatment for depression or anxiety. The result of the study is many people preferred micro dosing to previous therapy. The participants also indicated that the treatment is less effective than high quantities of psychedelics. The scholars also experimented with animals. The study examined that the level of micro dose on DMT helped the participants to overcome anxiety and fear. Scientist uses the model to test general anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorders.  

Improvement in brain functioning 

The treatment allows the mind to function at the optimal potential and open to fresh concepts. It helps in reporting enhanced brain purposes during dosing days. However, the effects will not postpone to other days when the patient has not micro-dosed. 


Many creative individuals claim micro-dosing boosts the creative mind. Creativity is hard to validate or quantify; however, reducing stress and increasing focus can improve it. The scientific studies and anecdotal have not solidified the claims.  


Mind wandering can slow work or project. Some people said that micro dosing helps in temporary focus. The treatment reduces the level of distractibility. 

Quitting habits 

Micro dosing helps addicts such as smokers and alcoholics. The treatment is effective, as patients may not require any other stimulants after a therapy session.  

Micro dosing is a preference for some people. The health benefits help addicts and people for recreation or spiritual purposes. Despite comparative studies, the treatment is gaining momentum among people, and it has significant results. 

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