Distinct Differences Between CBD And THC

Cannabinoids which is what CBD and THC are, are a given class of compounds that are known to be unique to the cannabis plant. This is mainly because they tend to mimic the endocannabinoids in the body as well as interact with this system. This normally takes place once a neurotransmitter is released to the brain. Because of the stigma that greatly surrounds ; most people claim that CBD is a good cannabinoid while THC is the bad one. However, it is important to take note that scientists have found that both of these cannabinoids tend to have some level of therapeutic properties. There is also some evidence that goes to show that both are also able to work together with other constituents so that they can be able to maximize on the natural effects that they tend to have.

However, even with the above, there are still some distinct Differences between CBD and THC. They include the following:

  • THC causes a high while CBD does not

For most consumers who make use of cannabinoids, one of the most distinct Differences between CBD and THC is when it comes to how each of them is able to bring about the high feeling.  THC has been found to be more psychoactive because it is the cannabinoid that is responsible when it comes to eliciting all the euphoric effects that users get when they end up consuming medical cannabis. On the other hand, CBD has been found to be non-psychoactive. What this means is that no matter the amount that is going to be consumed, it is not able to give out the high effect or feeling. It has in fact been found that CBD tends to suppress THC?S psychoactive properties.

  • THC is prohibited while CBD is not prohibited under the federal law

In the U.S, THC and cannabis have both been in the controlled substances category. On the other hand, CBD has not been listed in the controlled substance category meaning that they are federally legal.

  • THC tends to dominate cannabis while CBD tends to dominate Hemp

As much as THC and CBD both contain various concentration levels of the cannabis plant which is cannabis and hemp, THC is mostly found in cannabis and CBD has been found to be much higher in hemp. Because THC dominates cannabis, they have been cultivated in a careful manner with the main intention of ensuring that they are able to maximize on concentration and level of THC.

On the other hand, the chemical makeup of hemp is largely dominated by CBD. It is abundant naturally in Hemp and when it comes to THC, hemp only contains a 0.3% which is considered to be way below the psychoactive threshold.

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