Cannabis Industry

Cannabis is commonly known by the name of marijuana amongst other names which are weed, bhang, pot, grass, joint etc. Cannabis comes from a plant called cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. Cannabis has a psychoactive drug that makes it fit for recreational and medical purposes. The cannabis plant has three forms namely


This is the least potent and most common forms of marijuana, according to This type is usually the dried leaves of the cannabis.  Marijuana is rolled up into joints and smoked.


This form is the cannabis resin which is dried. The concentration of the psychoactive drug in this form of cannabis is higher than the one in marijuana. Hashish is used by being added to tobacco and smoked. It?s sometimes added to cookies.

Hash oil

This is golden brown to black oily liquid that?s extracted from cannabis.

The has been legalized in most countries hence the rapid boom of the industry. Some of these countries include Canada, Mexico, Belize and Jamaica just to mention a few. In Canada, since 1923 the medicinal use of cannabis was legalized on 30th July, 2001. In Belize, the government has decriminalized cannabis. This however, is only up to amounts of 10 grams.

The future of the cannabis industry is bright if other states will pick up the pace and continue to decriminalize it. For example, soon the cannabis will be incorporated into drinks, edibles, oils and creams on a large scale.

The legalization of the cannabis has also opened forums for scientists and researchers who now without fear have resources to study the cannabis to give us a more understanding of the drug.

The continued decriminalization of the cannabis plant will continuously eradicate unemployment from most countries and also it will lead to the sprouting of training facilities that will equip the trainees with the necessary knowledge and skills. These skills and knowledge will provide a platform for employment.

The people that plant, produce, extract and consume cannabis form the cannabis industry. They include researchers, regulators, industrial standard bodies concerning cannabis and hemp.

The cultivators are the businesses in the industry that grows the cannabis plant itself.

Extractors are the people in the cannabis industry that extract the raw plant into forms like oils. These oils, can either be used for cooking purposes or used directly by end users in a vaporizer. This process requires a capital upfront to buy the right machinery used in extracting the drug from the plant

Manufacturers turn the cannabis flowers and concentrates into various products. This process infuses the drug into edibles such as cookies or brownies. This process of manufacturing requires a large investment to acquire the necessary facilities and equipment.